5 Immense BBQ Recipes You Need In Your Life

2. Grilled jalapeño-marinated steak sandwiches with charred onions and cotija mayo

Grilled jalapeño-marinated steak

Starting out with steak for my sandwich was a risky move; I’ve been burned by over chew or tough steak sandwiches in the past that have made me wary of the genre altogether. I’ve found flank and skirt steaks do the job pretty damn well though as long as they’re not cooked past medium-rare and cut against the grain into bite-sized slices. Hanger steak, usually a premium overskirt and flank, got the call here mainly because there was a deal on it the day I went to the butcher, but those other two similar cuts well do just fine as a substitute. The steak I had picked up was on the thick side, though, so I butterflied it open to give it more surface area for searing and picking up the flavor.

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