Best BBQ in America: Top 15 Cities

13. Raleigh, North Carolina

In what North Carolinians call “The Research Triangle” of Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill, they have spent plenty of time experimenting and perfecting the pork shoulder sandwich. Locals here prefer their pork chopped instead of pulled, and you can discover the genius yourself at spots like The Pit, Clyde Cooper’s BBQ, or Ole Time Barbecue.

12. Branson, Missouri

Branson is filled with country music theaters and family entertainment venues, but man cannot live on bluegrass alone. Take a break between sets for an order of barbecue nachos from Danna’s, or a fine pulled pork sandwich at Shorty Small’s or Doc’s Hickory Roadhouse.

11. San Antonio, Texas

The Granary is known for elevating the humble brisket to the level of haute cuisine in San Antonio, but old school purveyors such as the Smoke Shack and Two Bros. BBQ Market keep the traditionalists happy with their examples of classic smoked beef.
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