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How to Cook Skirt Steak Grilled Skirt Steak Temperature

Step 6: Once the one side is finished cooking, turn the steak over and repeat the process. Again, three minutes for medium rare and four minutes for medium. Once the steak has cooked on both sides, it is time to test your temperatures. To properly check the interior temperatures of the meats, we suggest owning a ThermoPro TP-12 Remote Digital Thermometer, which is a digital wireless device that will accurately tell you the temperatures of your meats from up to 300 hundred feet away. Multitasking is made easy with this small and simple measuring device.Step 7: Once you have your steaks at the temperatures you want, you can remove them from the grill. Then cover them loosely with foil and allow them to rest for about ten minutes. This brief amount of time gives the steak the chance to finish cooking itself properly and allows the juices to flow through the entire meat. This step is significant because you want to make sure you put the right finishing touches on all of the hard work you just did.Step 8: Using a sharp knife, slice the meat going against the grain and make sure to serve it either as a hot, warm, or room temperature. The great thing about skirt steaks is that they are so rich in flavor that your cold leftovers actually go great as a side to these meats. If you choose to add even more flavor to your steak, you may also sprinkle just a little bit more of some salt and pepper on there. To really give it a complex flavor profile, consider adding just a small dollop of butter onto the top of the steak. It will really drive those taste buds crazy.


It really is a simple method for cooking a skirt steak, and they are definitely worth any trouble you may go through in the end. Skirt steaks are a delicious and healthy substitute for other meats because they are lean and come from a different part of the animal that most other cuts of beef. There are several different ways to prepare your meal, including broiling, marinating, grilling, searing, and putting it into your stir-fry. Many people enjoy a good, old-fashioned steak right off of the grill. Skirt steaks are quite a delicious meal, and your family will thank you for preparing such a delicious dinner for them all to share.

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